Here at Honey Bee, we think Mardi Gras is the best part of a long, cold winter. A celebration of family and friends, the Carnival reminds us to enjoy the good things in life while we prepare to observe the lean seasons. In New Orleans, King Cakes serve as the center of many parties. In order to join the festivities, we offer free King Cake with our Tuesday lunches from the Feast of Epiphany until Fat Tuesday. We want to share our child-like love of delicious desserts with you! Our King Cakes are made the traditional way. We sweeten rolled dough with sugar and cinnamon and decorate the baked cakes with a delicious glaze and colorful sugar toppings. Like everything we serve, our King Cakes come crafted from scratch by hand for the highest quality and best taste. If you find a baby in your slice, don’t worry! We have plenty of King Cakes and other holiday treats for you to serve at your own parties!

Honey Bee Bakery is handmade from scratch with love. The bread, cookies, and cakes, the soups and sandwiches—our food is deliciously real and heartily served.

What you enjoy from Honey Bee is the collective product of local vendors, farmers, and artists. Our family is proud of the modern tradition we're creating and thankful for the opportunity to serve Oxford's unique community.




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